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Cuisine plays an important part in any culture. It defines a people, their social habits, beliefs, environment and survival practices. Therefore, it's little wonder that Susanna Hoffman, a PhD Anthropologist, has enjoyed a fascination with ethnic food as part of her anthropological studies and consulting work worldwide.


More than simply studying the varied cuisines in her extensive travels, Susanna has made a second career out of it. She was one of the founders of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, the internationally known originator of California Cuisine, and famous for being the first restaurant to recognize and serve delicious organically and local grown food.
Not one to ignore the sensual as well as nutritional delights of the world's many cuisines, Susanna emerges from her anthropological endeavors to share her knowledge and culinary experiences as a much published author.  As an anthropologist, Susanna has a unique perspective on cuisine and her galvanizing writings encompass the history and origins of food, food customs, food songs, poetry, and quotes. Her most recent book, The Olive and the Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking, was on the New York Times "Books to Get of the Year." Her forthcoming one on America’s incredible intermixed cuisine, America’s Big Bold Food, co-written with Victoria Wise, promises to achieve the same. In a more crucial work, Food, the Looming Global Food Crisis, from her rich  body of knowledge Susanna addresses the issue of hunger and plenty as part of her continuing efforts to educate, nourish and inform.   
Meanwhile, her spectacular cookbooks already on the shelves continue to entertain and satisfy. Susanna also offers the complete package for the total experience in culinary and cultural exploration that you can bring into your own kitchen or food event.

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