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Susanna Hoffman has lived, worked, written and cooked in the Mediterranean region, particularly Greece, as well as the United States, for more than 30 years. Other cultural and culinary projects have taken her to Turkey, El Salvador, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, Tibet and India where she has given lectures and furthered her anthropologic and gastronomic studies.

An early gastronomical milestone in Susanna’s career was at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, Californiam, where she was one of its first owners. She continued her restaurateur path as co-owner with Victoria Wise at The Good and Plenty Café in Oakland, California.

Susanna has assembled an impressive culinary standing in print, radio and television. She has written an extensive run of food articles published in such newspapers as the Los Angeles Times and she has also written for “Fine Cooking,” “Bon Appetit,” "Greek Gourmet Traveler” and more. She has appeared on cooking shows from the east to west in more than 60 cities, including “Good Morning America,” “The Food Network,” “Oprah,” “Discovery,” “CNN” and “PBS.”

While not traveling, lecturing and teaching, she makes her home in Telluride, Colorado where she is a food writer for Telluride Inside…and Out, and continues work on her forthcoming books.

A Colorado native, Susanna received her Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley where she specialized in social structure, symbolism, Europe, cognition, women’s studies, and cultural personality.  Please visit for more information about Susanna's work in the field of disaster anthropology.  Along with food, she now specializes in the social side of major disasters.  Adding to her own diverse life resume, Susanna has appeared in television commercials and danced with a dance company.

She is a member of numerous associations including The American Anthropological Association, The International Association of Culinary Professionals, International Research Committee on Disasters, American Ethnological Society, Society for the Anthropology of Europe, Environmental Anthropology, The Modern Greek Studies Association, Risk Red Advisory Board, and the American Federation of Television and Radio Performers.



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